The Pack

Some say pick your tribe, but here at Pretty Vacant One, we are firm believes in picking your pack. Say hello to our pack. #PickYouPack

bruce-campbell-douglas-davidsonDouglas Davidson
In brief, I’m a Renaissance Geek. I currently operate my own film review site, Elements of Madness and serve as a senior contributor for Charlotte-based arts and culture blog CLTure. As of June 2016, NC Film Critics Association member.




Emily Beth
I’m addicted to soda, TV crime dramas, coffee, and all things tween music (particularly the Jelena saga, everything associated with ‘90s/early-2000s boy bands, Miley and Liam, and Britney). My hatred runs deep for Duke basketball, although I always give respect where respect is due. NCAA tourney time is my Christmas. I don’t eat eggs, tomatoes, or anything grape-flavored. I’d love to spend a month traveling Italy and Greece. The sun rises and sets with Tarheel basketball and John Mayer. Give me all the glitter! I’ve been ass-kicking Lupus since 2013 and am a bit of a nutrition nut. Also, I have no shame. Good luck.

I’m an indie writer and believer in the Universe.
I love coffee, music, star gazing & hockey.
I hate pants & shoes.