Watch: “Haunted” by Pollyanna Blue

Pollyanna Blue have just released their creepy video for “Haunted”. Filmed and edited by Kieran Gallop (Phoxjaw, Sleep Token), it reflects the lyrics that vocalist Zoe said inspired the song. In this song, trauma is depicted as an unforgiving evil spirit that will come at you at night and relentlessly try to tear you down. The impactful delivery of the lyrics harnesses the real range of … Continue reading Watch: “Haunted” by Pollyanna Blue

Review: Lonestardom by Colyer + Watch “Weird World”

I don’t personally know Colyer, but I would like to offer up an apology to him. I never hit publish on the review I wrote for Lonestardom and I am gutted about it. I apologise for not realising my error Colyer. So this post is a two-fold post – to share Colyer‘s latest video “Weird World” and to finally publish the review of Lonestardom. First, … Continue reading Review: Lonestardom by Colyer + Watch “Weird World”