LISTEN: “Tie Me Down” by Jack Savoretti

If whiskey had a voice, it would be that of UK’s Jack Savoretti and his new single, “Tie Me Down”. “Tie Me Down” will be on the EP of the same name on November 3rd but if you pre-order it now, you can get instant gratification and get the single now. What makes me like this song so much is Jack’s voice and the emotion it brings to … Continue reading LISTEN: “Tie Me Down” by Jack Savoretti

LISTEN: “Reach Out” by Lacey

Lacey is currently wrapping up the finishing touches on their follow up to their album OUTLAWS  while we couldn’t wait to feature a song from UNDER THE BRIGHTEST LIGHTS that will be out in October, we are giving you “Reach Out” from OUTLAWS. Also because we just discovered this little gem of a band. While we wait for October to land with the new album, we’ll catching up on … Continue reading LISTEN: “Reach Out” by Lacey

LISTEN: “Deserter” by Lonely the Brave

I love when musicians talk about one another. Not in a bad way, but in an appreciative way. As a fan because in all honesty, most of us are fans of music. We’re either behind the scenes or the creators. Dave Pearson (@DaveLaceyPTS) from the band Lacey tweeted “Well, the new Lonely The Brave album is the best thing I’ve heard all year.” Of course, I … Continue reading LISTEN: “Deserter” by Lonely the Brave

EARGASM OF THE WEEK: “I Found” by Amber Run

We couldn’t decide between the original or the remix of Amber Run’s “I Found” but all we know is that we can’t stop listening to it. We love the lyrics: “I’ll use you as a warning sign. That if you talk enough sense then you’ll lose your mind…” Amber Run: Facebook | Twitter | Website Watch the video for “I Found” below and the follow … Continue reading EARGASM OF THE WEEK: “I Found” by Amber Run