EPISODE REVIEW: Doctor Who – The Woman Who Fell to Earth

DOCTOR WHO fans can rejoice! The new season has finally started and we get our view of the super talented JODIE WHITTAKER as the Thirteenth Doctor. Some did not appreciate that the new incarnation of The Doctor would be a woman, but DOCTOR WHO fans has always been a weirdly supportive lot unlike other TV/Film franchises (looking at you hating Star Wars fans), and we … Continue reading EPISODE REVIEW: Doctor Who – The Woman Who Fell to Earth


REVIEW: Dancing Queen (Netflix)

Tongue popping diva and fierce Texas queen, ALYSSA EDWARDS, shares both sides of her world in the brand new NETFLIX docuseries, DANCING QUEEN. RUPAUL’s DRAG RACE fans will recognize ALYSSA EDWARDS, real name JUSTIN JOHNSON from Season 5 of Drag Race and Season 2 of RUPAUL’s DRAG RACE: ALL STARS. While Alyssa may have not snatched the crown in either season of Drag Race, her … Continue reading REVIEW: Dancing Queen (Netflix)


Since Ava has been burned, Raylan needs to find another witness to make the conviction against Boyd stick. So Art and Raylan head out to see Wynn Duffy, who turns out to be the rat Art has been hunting!   Raylan and Art pull him out of his tanning bed and essentially tell him they will make it public that he was the  one who turned … Continue reading EPISODE RECAP: JUSTIFIED: Burn (S6, EP 9)