Sunday Night Recap – Drama, Drama, Drama!

Revenge – So Emily still hasn’t told David that she is his daughter and that blows up in a MAJOR way this week. ¬†David reaches out to Nolan and asks him to be present for the big live interview that David is doing. ¬†Nolan is touched obviously, and I was so happy for him to be acknowledged for how much he has done. ¬†So they … Continue reading Sunday Night Recap – Drama, Drama, Drama!

Sunday Recap

Revenge – So David Clark is back but Victoria Grayson is keeping him away from Emily and pretty much everyone else. ¬†David is still a loose cannon – do we trust him? Does he trust Victoria? ¬†He feels for sure that there is something off and wonders who he can trust. ¬†He finally meets with Nolan who doesn’t tell him about Emily, but just decides … Continue reading Sunday Recap