LISTEN: “What You Don’t Know” by Paperscissor

I stumbled onto Paperscissor via Twitter when I followed fellow Oklahoma band Broncho. As I sat and listened to their ARTIFACTS EP, I completely forgot the band was from the US because their sound is so 80’s Brit pop infused. Throw pop, rock, electronica, punk and hit blend on the mixer and you’ve got the sound of Paperscissor. I really dig the entire ARTIFACTS EP, … Continue reading LISTEN: “What You Don’t Know” by Paperscissor

EARGASM: “What” by Broncho

Finding a song EARGASM worthy is always hard. I mean, it has to live up to it’s name, and bring joy to ones ears. Like a kid who didn’t take their adderall, I’m musically all over the place in what I like and I thank the Universe every day for an open musical mind because that’s how I found this week’s EARGASM. All the way from from Oklahoma, … Continue reading EARGASM: “What” by Broncho