REVIEW: World War 3 by Cold Snap

I had the pleasure of getting a sneak listen to COLD SNAP‘s third studio album, WORLD WAR 3 that will be released on Eclipse Records on January 13th and produced by Norwegian metal producer, Tue Madsen. A little background on COLD SNAP: they’re from Varazdin, Croatia and are blend of metal and rock. You can pick up on their influences that range from DISTURBED, SUICIDE SILENCE, KORN, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, and more and they have already toured with PRO-PAIN, DEAD BY APRIL, EKTOMORF and played with DISTURBED, SUICIDE SILENCE and more. When you start listening to WORLD WAR 3, you better be prepared for 12 glorious tracks of rock and … Continue reading REVIEW: World War 3 by Cold Snap

ALBUM REVIEW: The Darkest Road by A Breach of Silence

When I first listened to A Breach of Silence and their debut album DEAD OR ALIVE, I thought. Good, solid music, but not something I could listen to every day. For me, DEAD OR ALIVE was a mood album. I had to be in the mood to hear it. I have been very fortunate to get my hands on A Breach of Silent’s sophomore album THE DARKEST ROAD and it is definitely not a mood album. I can listen it all day. The Southerner in me says, “dang ya’ll!” The Rocker Chick in me says, “this album is kicking me in my … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: The Darkest Road by A Breach of Silence

REVIEW: “The Devil Lived” by Mkaio

Growing up, I was never a fan of “electronica” type music. When I was a bit older, I went through a drum/bass phase for a few months and pretty much outgrew that like a pair of shoes. Now that I’m a bit older and wiser, I have found an appreciation for some of ethereal sounds of “electronica” because it seems to connect the listener to the music, the beats, and the Universe…or it at least connects me that way. From Hawaii, check out Mkaio. Self-proclaimed, bedroom producer, Mkaio reached out and asked us to listen to his album THE DEVIL LIVED, available … Continue reading REVIEW: “The Devil Lived” by Mkaio

REVIEW: “L’été EP” by Musique Le Pop

”L’été” by Musique Le Pop is a perfect listen for that perfect beach day with a drink that has a tiny umbrella and a plastic sword full of fruit. Musique Le Pop is composed of producers/songwriters Elisabeth, Christoffer and Jon. The threesome collaborated for different projects prior to joining forces to form Musique Le Pop. The 5 song EP (released on Cafe Superstar Recordings) showcases Elisabeth’s light and airy voice and is a mix of pop/dance/indie that flows harmoniously together. “Mateo” kicks of the EP with a dreamy 80’s vibe that has just a hint of salsa that makes you want to get … Continue reading REVIEW: “L’été EP” by Musique Le Pop

REVIEW: “Do It Again” by Röyksopp and Robyn

Our only complaint about “Do It Again” by Röyksopp and Robyn is that it’s only 5 songs. The dynamic Norwegian duo that is Röyksopp and the Swedish pop/dance diva that is Robyn is a fantastic collaboration of music, voice, and minds. The EP starts out with “Monument” that will have your spirit transcending into the calm before the highly catchy “Sayit” kicks into gear. The title track “Do It Again” has an infectious dance beat that is signature Röyksopp and signature catchy dance/pop song that only Miss Robyn can bring to the masses. The 4th track “Every Little Thing” allows us to catch our breath and chill before sending us … Continue reading REVIEW: “Do It Again” by Röyksopp and Robyn