Track by Track: Heart and Soul

Eric has been releasing tracks from both Heart and Soul throughout 2020 and 2021. He’s released “Heart on Fire“, “Stick that in Your Country Song”, and “Crazyland” in the months leading ups to Heart. He’s released “Break it Kind of Guy“, “Hell of a View”, “Bad Mother Trucker“, and “Lynyard Skynard Jones” for Soul. Each single an antithesis of the one before either in sound, emotion, or lyrics. They’ve been a … Continue reading Track by Track: Heart and Soul

🔥 Track: Do Not Disturb by Ryan Adams

Opening with a slick bass line and dreamy 80’s ethereal keys, the first single, “Do Not Disturb” from Ryan Adam’s upcoming 18th studio album, Big Colors (out on 11-June) is a seductress and enchantress musically and lyrically. A prolific writer, Ryan does not mind exposing the veins that carry the emotional pain or burdens within and externally. He has this brilliant capability to cut straight to the … Continue reading 🔥 Track: Do Not Disturb by Ryan Adams

🔥 Track: Good Life by Kip Moore

Good God almighty, Mister Kip Moore released a banger of a tune on Friday. As spring rolls into summer in the States, it is the perfect tune for summer living and sun drenched memories and for me here in AUS where autumn is rolling into winter, it’s a perfect tune to remember that on the other side of the brisk chill lays sun kissed shoulders … Continue reading 🔥 Track: Good Life by Kip Moore

pretty vacant one welcome to the batlands Ethan hanna

REVIEW: Welcome to the Batlands by Ethan Hanna

The forthcoming (October 5th), WELCOME TO THE BATLANDS, is the first installment of ETHAN HANNA’s BATLANDS PROJECT. The project will feature visuals, artwork, written pieces and music. WELCOME TO THE BATLANDS opens with “BIKES & CARS”…a confession so to speak. In this song Ethan just speaks his truth. Truth about himself (I’ve been singing out of the corner of my mouth for a while now. Some sort of … Continue reading REVIEW: Welcome to the Batlands by Ethan Hanna

Eliot Bold Enough EP Cover

REVIEW: Bold Enough by Eliott

Hailing from Melbourne (AUS) comes 21 year old ELIOTT, but don’t let her age fool you into thinking she’s young and naive. Her debut EP BOLD ENOUGH is everything but those two words. Kicking off BOLD ENOUGH is the first track “FIGURE IT OUT”. Listening to the track, I can instantly see ELIOTT, head against the window of a moving train as rain starts to cascade … Continue reading REVIEW: Bold Enough by Eliott

twentyseven lanks art

REVIEW: twentyseven by LANKS

After teasing fans with small tasty EPs, Melbourne native and current Sydney local, LANKS, has finally released (April 27 2018) his debut full length album titled twentyseven. It is 14 delectable tracks that includes “BITTER LEAF” and “HOLLA” from his 2016 EP VIET ROSE and previous single releases “COMFORTABLE” and “MY OWN MYSTERY” featuring NGAIIRE. Leading the path is “MAN”, a rhythm laden gem that inserts itself … Continue reading REVIEW: twentyseven by LANKS

The Summer Kills Last Night We Became Swans Art

REVIEW: Last Night We Became Swans by The Summer Kills

As April winds to a close here in Sydney, Australia the temperature is starting to drop and it is starting to finally feel like fall. And the debut album LAST NIGHT WE BECAME SWANS from THE SUMMER KILLS is the essence of fall: cozy, romantic, warm and comforting. THE SUMMER KILLS is a collaboration of musical greatness from MATTHEW RYAN (singer/songwriter) and HAMMOCK (ambient dynamic duo Marc Byrd … Continue reading REVIEW: Last Night We Became Swans by The Summer Kills


REVIEW: To Imagine by The Neighbourhood

I have always dug THE NEIGHBOURHOOD since they popped onto the music scene back in 2012 and their music has progressed with each release while being able to maintain a very distinct sound that is very much their own. That progression and distinction follows through with their 2018 (January 11) EP, TO IMAGINE. Each track on the 5 song EP varies from the one before. “Heaven” … Continue reading REVIEW: To Imagine by The Neighbourhood


REVIEW: Songs of Experience by U2

Love or hate U2 and their music, they do something that people are always talking about and to find the longevity they have had and still have in the music world isn’t magic or luck, it’s the know how and the fearlessness in trying something new and sometimes sticking to something old. As a long time U2 fan, there are albums that are instant timeless classics … Continue reading REVIEW: Songs of Experience by U2

REVIEW: World War 3 by Cold Snap

I had the pleasure of getting a sneak listen to COLD SNAP‘s third studio album, WORLD WAR 3 that will be released on Eclipse Records on January 13th and produced by Norwegian metal producer, Tue Madsen. A little background on COLD SNAP: they’re from Varazdin, Croatia and are blend of metal and rock. You can pick up on their influences that range from DISTURBED, SUICIDE SILENCE, KORN, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, and … Continue reading REVIEW: World War 3 by Cold Snap