Top 5 Albums of 2014

Continuing in the spirit of INFIDELITY (the movie), we give you our (Amy and Shelia) TOP 5 ALBUMS OF 2014. For our TOP 4 SONGS, click HERE Amy’s Top 5 Albums STAY GOLD by FIRST AID KIT – another Swedish band that I just love. Their first single of this album, “My Silver Lining”, is haunting and sad and I love the lyrics “I try not to hold on to what is gone, I try to do right what is wrong, I try to keep on keeping on.” So I knew I liked the band but then STAY GOLD was released and I … Continue reading Top 5 Albums of 2014

Music Brought to You by the Letter: “M” – Matthew Ryan

ARTIST: Matthew Ryan SONG: “Boxers” ALBUM: BOXERS, available on iTunes | Bandcamp | Amazon I am very excited to get my hands on BOXERS, MATTHEW RYAN‘s brand spanking new album that’s due out tomorrow (Oct 14th). In honor of his new album, we feature the title track “Boxers” as our song by the Letter M. My favorite lyric is “How do you say goodbye to a dream that just won’t die? Is it a feeling or is it a lie? You’re a boxer against the ropes & there’s blood running down your throat, but this is the fight you chose.” Matthew Ryan: Facebook | Twitter | Website Previous posts on MATTHEW RYAN Continue reading Music Brought to You by the Letter: “M” – Matthew Ryan

NEWS: Boxers by Matthew Ryan

Here at 16 Clefs, we’re super excited to share with our followers the album cover for BOXERS by Matthew Ryan. Yes, we know we could have just tweeted or posted a photo, but that’s so cold and hope that we connect with you over the combine passion of music, so we are writing this post. Yes, it was completely inspired by just the news of an album cover! Crazy how music makes us do things for the good right!?! So why should you listen to Matthew Ryan? Let’s flashback to a Tuesday…might have been a Wednesday, to be honest I don’t … Continue reading NEWS: Boxers by Matthew Ryan

WATCH: “This One’s For You Frankie” by Matthew Ryan

Matthew Ryan is one of those artists that no matter what he puts out I’ll buy it. He’s just such a prolific artist and a phenomenal writer and musician. This song “This One’s For You Frankie” is from his forth coming album, “Boxers” and I cannot wait to hear it in its entirety. The song is signature Matthew Ryan and such a wonderful song. From Matthew’s website: “‘This One’s For You Frankie’ is a love letter to brotherhood, integrity and perseverance. Made to be played loudly via proper speakers or headphones because music is better that way!” Continue reading WATCH: “This One’s For You Frankie” by Matthew Ryan

NEW TRACK: “An Anthem for the Broken”

We here at 16 Clefs, love Matthew Ryan. He could sing the McDonald’s Big Mac song and we’d love it. He is a prolific songwriter and artist who’s haunting lyrics match the intense and profound passion in his voice. Later in 2014, he will be gracing us with his new album, but in the meantime he’s released the song “An Anthem for the Broken” early to help a friend who is entering the last stage of his fight with ALS. Matthew tells his full story here and what the song and his friend, John, means to him. As it states on … Continue reading NEW TRACK: “An Anthem for the Broken”