I discovered Bruno Merz through Soundcloud and fell in love with his song “Into the Air” and then his EP DEPARTING FROM THE CROWDS. So I was completely thrilled when Bruno Merz’s team reached out and asked us to not only review his upcoming release HIGHWAYS, but to also interview him. I had the complete pleasure of sitting down with Bruno Merz via Skype a few weeks ago and speaking with him about people confusing him with Bruno Mars, his illustrating, and his forthcoming album HIGHWAYS that will be released digitally in October and physical copies later in the year. How do you pronounce … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Bruno Merz

INTERVIEW: Our Last Enemy

Earlier this year, Australia’s Our Last Enemy released their album PARIAH on Eclipse Records. Recently, we were able to sit down with vocalist, Oliver Fogwell, and bassist, Matt Heywood, to discuss the recording process of PARIAH, the difference between Australia/US music scene, and more. We can’t thank Oliver and Matt enough for taking the time to answer our questions. Let’s introduce the world to Our Last Enemy. Who is who? Oliver – Vocals Matt – Bass/Vocals Bizz – Guitars Zot – Drums Jeff – Keys How did Our Last Enemy come together? MH: We all new each other from other … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Our Last Enemy

INTERVIEW: Nick Red of Blowsight

Lead vocalist/guitarist, Nick Red of Sweden’s Blowsight, took a break from writing the new Blowsight album to sit down with us and answer a few questions and we couldn’t be more thankful of his time. Let’s introduce the world to Blowsight: who is who in Blowsight? It’s four Stockholmers, always willing to tear up places, make people think, fuck the norm and have a good time! How did Blowsightcome together? Long story short…Me and guitar player, Serban, went to the same rock clubs in Stockholm back in 2003, and realized we had the exact same influences, the same guitar heroes, … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Nick Red of Blowsight

INTERVIEW: A Breach of Silence

16 Clefs was given the extreme joy to sit down guitarist, Mat “Cossie” Cosgrove, of Brisbane’s A Breach of Silence to discuss the band’s upcoming sophomore album The Darkest Road, how to make your band known in Australia, where the idea for their insanely good video “Night Rider” came from and more. Let’s introduce the world to A Breach of Silence We are from Brisbane Australia. There are 5 members. Cossie – Guitars, Blairsy bass/vocals, kerrod – Guitars, Rhys- lead vocals and Stix – Drums. How did A Breach of Silence come together? We formed in 2009 when a bunch of us decided to … Continue reading INTERVIEW: A Breach of Silence


With their EP “Slummer Time” hitting on May 14th via Hive Mind, we are ecstatic to interview Melbourne, Australia’s 8 Bit Love. This trio of men is one animalistic band and we mean animalistic with love. They exude that crazy excitement and fearlessness that Animal from The Muppets showed every time he was on the screen. One can’t help but be in a better mood after listening to or watching 8 Bit Love. They possess that fun, party charm of Andrew WK and the sound of 80’s British punk like that of The Clash and we want everyone in the Universe to take a moment and … Continue reading INTERVIEW: 8 Bit Love

INTERVIEW: Glen Perkins

16 Clefs is happy to sit down with Glen Perkins: producer/writer of “Collecting” by Chris Richardson,  producer of 6 songs off of the new Jolley Brothers album, and executive producer at Grim Town Records. I had the fortunate chance to meet Glen in 2012 when he was playing with Chris Richardson during a radio tour and have been following him along in his career since then. Without further ado, Universe, please meet Glen Perkins. For those that don’t know anything about you, who is Glen Perkins and what do you do? I am a musician, actor and record producer from Virginia … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Glen Perkins