LISTEN: “The Other Man” by McNary

McNary reached out to us via email and asked if we’d give a listen to his song “The Other Man” and what a delight. McNary is Atlanta native but now Nashville based singer/songwriter Tim McNary. “The Other Man” is filled with simple and raw music that conveys the emotions of a man in love with another who also has another man in their life. A situation that doesn’t seem to bother him to much because his feelings are a stronger than the need to be without that love. McNary: Facebook | Twitter | Website Watch the video for “The Other Man” TOUR … Continue reading LISTEN: “The Other Man” by McNary

LISTEN: “Favorites” by Profound

Lend an ear to Profound, an experimental pop-hop artist from Atlanta. In Profound’s words, “I don’t want to take rap music and put it over rock music. I want to take rock energy and add it to what’s already a beautiful genre in Hip-Hop.” We kind of dig what he’s got going on with “Favorites”. Listen below and let us know your thoughts. Profound: Facebook | Twitter | Website Continue reading LISTEN: “Favorites” by Profound

LISTEN: “Back on My Feet” by Veteran

Hailing from the ATL (aka Atlanta, GA), Veteran is Colin McGowan, Patty Zyla, Evan Myers, Michael Wolf, and Lee Ashcroft. If you had to put them in a genre, we guess you catalogers would classify them as pop/thrash punk. The 5 piece band are still in the honeymoon phase of bandhood, having only been together for almost a year, but they have two singles out. You can hear them below. Veteran will be releasing their 3rd single soon and are currently writing their first full length album. If you like what you hear, Veteran has a Kickstarter campaign fund for their … Continue reading LISTEN: “Back on My Feet” by Veteran