This week’s eargasm comes courtesy of Aussie duo, Kakariko. We’ve written about Kakariko before and have been waiting for their EP “Speed” to be released. Well the music gods have granted us this gift from Down Under and Jess and Simon do not disappoint. As we have said before Kakariko is 80’s synth fun with parts of Depeche Mode and The Cure thrown in. Put all of that into a cocktail shaker and you’ve got the 4 tracks that make up “Speed”. “alltimepartytimedrugsindahouse” is an infectious and dancey tune and is perfect for setting the mood of the EP. The catchy hook becomes an … Continue reading EARGASM OF THE WEEK: Kakariko

REVIEW: “L’été EP” by Musique Le Pop

”L’été” by Musique Le Pop is a perfect listen for that perfect beach day with a drink that has a tiny umbrella and a plastic sword full of fruit. Musique Le Pop is composed of producers/songwriters Elisabeth, Christoffer and Jon. The threesome collaborated for different projects prior to joining forces to form Musique Le Pop. The 5 song EP (released on Cafe Superstar Recordings) showcases Elisabeth’s light and airy voice and is a mix of pop/dance/indie that flows harmoniously together. “Mateo” kicks of the EP with a dreamy 80’s vibe that has just a hint of salsa that makes you want to get … Continue reading REVIEW: “L’été EP” by Musique Le Pop

REVIEW: “Do It Again” by Röyksopp and Robyn

Our only complaint about “Do It Again” by Röyksopp and Robyn is that it’s only 5 songs. The dynamic Norwegian duo that is Röyksopp and the Swedish pop/dance diva that is Robyn is a fantastic collaboration of music, voice, and minds. The EP starts out with “Monument” that will have your spirit transcending into the calm before the highly catchy “Sayit” kicks into gear. The title track “Do It Again” has an infectious dance beat that is signature Röyksopp and signature catchy dance/pop song that only Miss Robyn can bring to the masses. The 4th track “Every Little Thing” allows us to catch our breath and chill before sending us … Continue reading REVIEW: “Do It Again” by Röyksopp and Robyn

OUT NOW: “Cut Your Teeth” by Kyla La Grange

 We’ve written about “The Knife” by Kyla La Grange, but acoustic version for “The Knife” (bel0w) is absolutely superb. Her new album “Cut Your Teeth” is out now (buy it on iTunes) and is the follow up to her debut album “Ashes”. “Cut Your Teeth” is 14 tracks of fantastic and Kyla’s voice is intoxicating and captivating. The entire album is filled with rhythms that capture your ears and your body and gently push you into the calm that Kyla’s voice can bring as you listen to “Cut Your Teeth”. We’re partial to “The Knife” as our favorite song because of … Continue reading OUT NOW: “Cut Your Teeth” by Kyla La Grange

LISTEN: “Radio” by Vallée

Melbourne’s Vallée, released their 5 song EP “Radio” in May which was recorded by Beau Mckee (Closure in Moscow) at Oaklands Studio in Melbourne and mastered by Frank Arkwright (Bloc Party, Oasis, Coldplay) at Abbey Road Studios in London. With the title track “Radio” reaching #1 on the Triple J Unearthed charts and the second single “Cuba” debuting #9 on the Triple J Unearthed charts, we can hear why the band is landing where they are on the charts. The “Radio” EP is a catchy 5 song EP that will have you toe tapping and head bobbing within seconds of it hitting your ears. The songs are … Continue reading LISTEN: “Radio” by Vallée

REVIEW: “Slummer Time” EP by 8 Bit Love

 SLUMMER TIME  slum•mer time [slûm’ər tīm]  noun 1. Bummer of a Summer time 2. EP by dance punk trio 8 Bit Love The fun loving Aussies, 8 Bit Love, have won a place in our musical hearts with their anything goes music. They have no fear of being silly, fun, punk, rocking, all the while ninja kicking you in the face with their talent. They just released their EP, “Slummer Time” via Hive Minds and the 6 song EP is infectious, dancey fun, and if you’re not a sweaty hot mess after listening to this EP, we’re gonna say you didn’t … Continue reading REVIEW: “Slummer Time” EP by 8 Bit Love