INTERVIEW: A Breach of Silence

16 Clefs was given the extreme joy to sit down guitarist, Mat “Cossie” Cosgrove, of Brisbane’s A Breach of Silence to discuss the band’s upcoming sophomore album The Darkest Road, how to make your band known in Australia, where the idea for their insanely good video “Night Rider” came from and more. Let’s introduce the world to A Breach of Silence We are from Brisbane Australia. There are 5 members. Cossie – Guitars, Blairsy bass/vocals, kerrod – Guitars, Rhys- lead vocals and Stix – Drums. How did A Breach of Silence come together? We formed in 2009 when a bunch of us decided to … Continue reading INTERVIEW: A Breach of Silence

WATCH: “Blind” by A Breach of Silence

Aussie rockers, A Breach of Silence released a new video for their song “Blind” yesterday. The video incorporates video footage and still photos from the band’s recent tour with Adept and Born Osiris. The video is a way for A Breach of Silence fans to have their thirst filled while they band wraps up final mixes and mastering of their sophomore album “The Darkest Road”. “Blind” is of course a departure video wise from their “first person shooter music video” for “Night Rider”, but captures the band live, giving fans and soon to be fans a taste of what A … Continue reading WATCH: “Blind” by A Breach of Silence

WATCH: “Night Rider” by A Breach of Silence

Okay, so A Breach of Silence had us hooked with the video for “Night Rider” because it’s reminiscent of some of our favorite video games and to be honest, it’s quite brilliant on their part to do a video this way! Give it a watch below and you’ll love this Brisbane (Australia) band’s genius-ness too! Continue reading WATCH: “Night Rider” by A Breach of Silence