🔥Track: Jezebel by The Rasmus

The Rasmus know how to write an infectious song and as a long time fan, “Jezebel” is possibly one of their most infectious tracks I have ever heard. The band teamed back up with songwriter and producer extraordinaire, Desmond Child (Bon Jovi, Kiss, Ricky Martin, Selena Gomez, the list goes on), who worked with the band on their album Black Roses. Vocalist Lauri Ylönen said, “It … Continue reading 🔥Track: Jezebel by The Rasmus

🔥Track: Call Me Little Sunshine by Ghost

Sweden’s GHOST has released a new track from their upcoming IMPERA album (March 2022) and whew boy. It’s a rocker and a nice little follow up to 2021’s single “Hunter’s Moon”. I have to admit, I was late in joining the GHOST party. I just didn’t “get” their sound when OPUS EPONYMOUS came out in 2010, but then again, it wasn’t the type of music I was into at the time either. And even … Continue reading 🔥Track: Call Me Little Sunshine by Ghost

🔥Track: Crazy One More Time (Revisited) by Kip Moore

“You did it. The crazy son of a bitch, you did it.” And that’s the quote that came to my mind when Kip Moore finally released fan favorite “Crazy One More Time (Revisited)” as a single. Not that he’s crazy for doing it. Fans have been wanting it since 2012’s album UP ALL NIGHT and so have those that worked in radio and records. Maybe slightly crazy it took … Continue reading 🔥Track: Crazy One More Time (Revisited) by Kip Moore

🔥 Track: Do Not Disturb by Ryan Adams

Opening with a slick bass line and dreamy 80’s ethereal keys, the first single, “Do Not Disturb” from Ryan Adam’s upcoming 18th studio album, Big Colors (out on 11-June) is a seductress and enchantress musically and lyrically. A prolific writer, Ryan does not mind exposing the veins that carry the emotional pain or burdens within and externally. He has this brilliant capability to cut straight to the … Continue reading 🔥 Track: Do Not Disturb by Ryan Adams