Haunted By Silhouettes

Discover: Haunted by Silhouettes

Rising from the ashes of their previous band, Mathias Jamtli Rye (vocals), Stian Hoel Fossen (guitars), and Fredrik Voje Vinje (bass) founded Haunted By Silhouettes in 2013 in Trondheim, Norway. Setting their ambitions high, they released their debut EP, The Final Mind Plague in 2014 which also saw Fredrik leaving the band. Not to be deterred, Haunted By Silhouettes forged on and in 2017 recruited … Continue reading Discover: Haunted by Silhouettes

Review: Bronco by Orville Peck

Whew, what an album. I would leave the review at those 4 words, but I don’t think I’d be doing Bronco justice. Orville Peck‘s latest album, Bronco (8-April) is the full length follow up to his debut album Pony (2019) and fans may have noticed that Orville has moved up the horse ranks with each of his releases.PonyShow Pony (2020 EP)Bronco His passion for horses … Continue reading Review: Bronco by Orville Peck


Discover: Colyer

We’ve written about Colyer before and for those that don’t know, Colyer is Steven Colyer, born in the South, raised in the Midwest and thriving in LA. From Colyer‘s bio, he wrote and recorded every element of his debut album. “River of Youth” released about a week or so ago, is a beautiful effervescent dream floating on a puffy white cloud on a sunny day. … Continue reading Discover: Colyer