WATCH: “The Negative One” by Slipknot

Slipknot has released a video for their song “The Negative One” from their upcoming 5th studio album. You can buy “The Negative One” now on iTunes. We’re not really sure who scares us the most: the girl in this video or the nurse in Silent Hill. Sleep well kiddies. Slipknot: Facebook | Twitter | Website Advertisements Continue reading WATCH: “The Negative One” by Slipknot

WATCH: “Cinnamon” by Grace Askew

Grace Askew has voice that’s whiskey filled and on the broken pieces of a crushed heart. Put all of that in a rocks glass and serve it up at room temperature and you’ve got a sound that only Grace can give the blues. “Cinnamon” is from Grace’s upcoming album SCAREDY CAT (out August 11th). Grace Askew: Facebook | Twitter | Website Continue reading WATCH: “Cinnamon” by Grace Askew

LISTEN: “Ready Aim Fire” by Blue Stahli

I stumbled onto Blue Stahli while on Soundcloud and think “Ready Aim Fire” is a perfect way to start the weekend. Hailing from The D (aka Detroit, MI), Blue Stahli is a one man show with Bret doing it all. I cannot thank the music gods enough that Detroit has given us an artist that does not sound like the other Detroit artists (particularly in my opinion Kid Rock, Uncle Kracker, Jack White) and bummed I didn’t discover Blue Stahli until I moved from that frozen land known as Detroit. Give a listen or if you’re a visual person, watch the lyric … Continue reading LISTEN: “Ready Aim Fire” by Blue Stahli

WATCH: “Smartphone” by Cory Marquardt

I must say Cory Marquardt wrote the perfect anthem for today’s “Smartphone” users and it is absolutely brilliant. His lyric “being stupid on a smartphone” sums up the perfectness of the song in today’s day and age. I think those of use who grew up without “Smartphones” sometimes wish we could go back! Buy “Smartphone” on iTunes Cory Marquardt: Facebook | Twitter | Website Continue reading WATCH: “Smartphone” by Cory Marquardt