DRAG MONDAY: “DTF” by Adore Delano

We absolutely adore Miss Adore Delano. She won us over with her tenacity and confidence and we can’t wait until her album “‘Til Death Do Us Party” is released tomorrow. (Pick it up on iTunes) Until then, watch her fresh from the laundry mat video for her first single “DTF”. Doing laundry never seemed so sexy until now. More Adore Delano: Facebook | Twitter | Web Continue reading DRAG MONDAY: “DTF” by Adore Delano

WATCH: “Devour the Sun” by Our Last Enemy

We have to admit here at 16 Clefs that for this video we had to watch it twice. Once with our eyes partially covered because we were kind of creeped out by the video Sydney’s Our Last Enemy made for their single “Devour the Sun” and then once all the way through with eyes uncovered. There was nothing too graphic or gory or over the top, but there was just enough to make us shiver with goosebumps. That’s the sign of a good video people. It brought us back to our younger years of watching videos by Slayer, Testament, and … Continue reading WATCH: “Devour the Sun” by Our Last Enemy

WATCH: “Sister” by Linus Young

Recorded Live at Village Studios in LA, Linus Young’s video for their highly infectious tune “Sister” captures the band live. Did we mention dual drummers? Linus Young has been one of our bands to watch in 2014 and so far everything they have released audio and video wise for us has been pure gold. You can get “Sister” on iTunes on June 3rd. Until then, watch the video now. Linus Young: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter | Web Continue reading WATCH: “Sister” by Linus Young

WATCH: “Our Streets” by Stokeswood

Funded by their fans through Kick Starter, ATL band Stokeswood gave their video to the Universe yesterday. “Our Streets” is an infectious song and the video is intriguing as it shows the band performing intertwined with lead singer, Adam Patterson showing off his acting chops. We won’t give away the plot of the video as we we want you to watch it and fall in love with song and the band. Buy “Our Streets” on iTunes now and catch them on tour this summer. More Stokeswood: Facebook | Twitter | Website Previous Stokeswood posts Continue reading WATCH: “Our Streets” by Stokeswood

WATCH: “Runaway” by Bonney Read

If Pink were going to have an almost all girl rock band, it would be Sydney, Australia’s Bonney Read. Vocalist, Jess Cooper has vocal tendencies that are throw back to Pink’s vocals when she first hit the music scene and Jess’ bright pink hair also could be a nod to the now platinum singer. All the Pink references aside, Bonney Read a catchy four piece band that has talent and the chops to suffer through the mostly male dominant world of rock. You can download their single “Runaway” and their EP “Live to Tell” is dropping on June 5, 2014. Watch … Continue reading WATCH: “Runaway” by Bonney Read

WATCH: “This One’s For You Frankie” by Matthew Ryan

Matthew Ryan is one of those artists that no matter what he puts out I’ll buy it. He’s just such a prolific artist and a phenomenal writer and musician. This song “This One’s For You Frankie” is from his forth coming album, “Boxers” and I cannot wait to hear it in its entirety. The song is signature Matthew Ryan and such a wonderful song. From Matthew’s website: “‘This One’s For You Frankie’ is a love letter to brotherhood, integrity and perseverance. Made to be played loudly via proper speakers or headphones because music is better that way!” Continue reading WATCH: “This One’s For You Frankie” by Matthew Ryan