Justified Episode Recap: Catching Up

I have 3 episodes to catch up on so this is going to be a general summary.  This season has just turned out to be way more explosive than I thought. And to be honest, I never saw this coming.  So in Trust, Boyd successfully steals Markham’s money and while he is celebrating with Ava, SHE SHOOTS HIM, steals the money and leaves.  NEVER did I see that coming.  Of course Raylan was there, but instead of shooting her, he lets her go.  Maybe I should have seen it once Ava realized Boyd killed Dewey, but nope.  But shooting Boyd? … Continue reading Justified Episode Recap: Catching Up


Since Ava has been burned, Raylan needs to find another witness to make the conviction against Boyd stick. So Art and Raylan head out to see Wynn Duffy, who turns out to be the rat Art has been hunting!   Raylan and Art pull him out of his tanning bed and essentially tell him they will make it public that he was the  one who turned in Katherine’s ex unless he helps them.  He informed one time, he can do it again.  (Side note: Jere Burns, the actor who plays Duffy is an avid surfer and was very tan when they … Continue reading EPISODE RECAP: JUSTIFIED: Burn (S6, EP 9)

Episode Recap: Justified: Dark as a Dungeon (S6, Ep 8)

The first few episodes of this season seemed like things were hurtling towards something dramatic but lately things have slowed down and the plan settles into place.  I am assuming motivated by his talk with Winona and commitment to be a family with her, we start this episode as Raylan is going through his father’s house, cleaning it out, burning pictures and papers and even having a mortician come out to remove the graves from the land. Ava and Boyd, back from their night in Bulletville, check in on the mine and Zachariah, who essentially demands more money from Boyd, … Continue reading Episode Recap: Justified: Dark as a Dungeon (S6, Ep 8)

Episode Recap: Justified – The Hunt (S6 Ep7)

After Limehouse told Boyd that Ava was lying to him, we knew something was going to happen, and happen it did.  Boyd takes Ava on a “vacation” up to his family cabin in the woods.  When they get there the subject of marriage comes up and that Ava thought her first husband was nice and normal and he snapped and got crazy violent after marriage.  Will Boyd be the same way?  He takes her by the neck and slams her against the wall, hard enough she bruises, but she is able to kiss him and stalls a fight.  The next day … Continue reading Episode Recap: Justified – The Hunt (S6 Ep7)