REVIEW: “Slummer Time” EP by 8 Bit Love

 SLUMMER TIME  slum•mer time [slûm’ər tīm]  noun 1. Bummer of a Summer time 2. EP by dance punk trio 8 Bit Love The fun loving Aussies, 8 Bit Love, have won a place in our musical hearts with their anything goes music. They have no fear of being silly, fun, punk, rocking, all the while ninja kicking you in the face with their talent. They just released their EP, “Slummer Time” via Hive Minds and the 6 song EP is infectious, dancey fun, and if you’re not a sweaty hot mess after listening to this EP, we’re gonna say you didn’t … Continue reading REVIEW: “Slummer Time” EP by 8 Bit Love

REVIEW: “Down” by The Kooks

Holy shit. That’s the first words I said when I heard track number one from The Kooks “Down” EP! The title track is so freaking infectious and catchy that if you’re not singing the chorus by the second round, there might be something wrong with your ears. The 4 song EP is just a tease and we need a full length, but this EP is amazing and everyone should own it. Listen to the title track below. Continue reading REVIEW: “Down” by The Kooks

REVIEW: “Life Imitating Life” by Augustana

I remember seeing Augustana opening for Stereophonics in Atlanta, GA right before their first album came out and I fell for their sound and have followed the band along their musical journey since then. I was saddened when I learned they had broke up and happy to hear that frontman Daniel Layus decided to make music as Augustana again. I spent the morning listening to Augustana’s new album “Life Imitating Life” and as much as I have a spot in my heart for this band, I am not in love with his album. While it blared through my headphones, it … Continue reading REVIEW: “Life Imitating Life” by Augustana

NEW ARTIST: Carleton Stone

Hailing from Sydney, Canada (yes, Canada, not Australia)  Carleton Stone is a 28 year old singer/songwriter who’s new album “Draws Blood” on GroundSwell Music is heartfelt and and poetic. The 10 track album is a perfect accompaniment to a gray, rainy day as it lifts your spirits and soothes your soul. Carleton’s voice has a hint of David Gray and his music has the beautiful simplicity is remnants of Ryan Adams. We recommend giving it a listen. Carleton Stone: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Website Check out “When You Come Home” Continue reading NEW ARTIST: Carleton Stone

REVIEW: Punk Goes 90s Volume 2

I am a fan of covers and of the “Punk Goes…” The 90’s gave us many one hit wonders and bands that have become iconic in the world of music. Some of those hits and bands are covered by current artists in Fearless Records’ “Punk Goes 90s Volume 2”. Here is our track by track break down: 1. Get Scared – “My Own Worst Enemy” originally performed by Lit – Not a huge difference from the original. Just a little heavier on the drums. We dig it. 2. Memphis May Fire – “Interstate Love Song” originally performed by Stone Temple Pilots – Again, … Continue reading REVIEW: Punk Goes 90s Volume 2

NEW ARTIST: Mr Little Jeans

We stumbled onto Norwegian siren, Mr Little Jeans (aka Monica Birkenes) courtesy of NPR and it took one  track “Good Mistakes” to fall in love with her infectious and airy voice. Luckily, on this day, her full length album Pocketknife (iTunes) was released and we bought the whole shebang after hearing that one track. Pocketknife is twelve tracks of pure gold. Springtime captured on wax. Each track is placed perfectly and Monica’s voice is the essence of a dandelion blowing in the wind. We are head over heels with the album. Our favorite track is a two way tie between “Runaway” and “Heaven Sent”. Check out the … Continue reading NEW ARTIST: Mr Little Jeans