5 QUESTIONS with Bruno Merz

5 Questions with Bruno Merz. Guilty pleasure song: I love “We are the People” by Empire of the Sun but I don’t know if that’s a guilty pleasure. It would be funny if I said Bruno Mars right? I’m going to say Abba is a guilty pleasure. Guilty pleasure television show: This is embarrassing and it’s so terrible but it’s fun to watch and it’s brainless fun and glossy, but it’s REVENGE Favorite John Cusack film: HIGH FIDELITY. Your last meal would be: I think I’d have…sorry vegetarians, but I’d probably have roast chicken with sweet potato wedges with some garlic … Continue reading 5 QUESTIONS with Bruno Merz


I discovered Bruno Merz through Soundcloud and fell in love with his song “Into the Air” and then his EP DEPARTING FROM THE CROWDS. So I was completely thrilled when Bruno Merz’s team reached out and asked us to not only review his upcoming release HIGHWAYS, but to also interview him. I had the complete pleasure of sitting down with Bruno Merz via Skype a few weeks ago and speaking with him about people confusing him with Bruno Mars, his illustrating, and his forthcoming album HIGHWAYS that will be released digitally in October and physical copies later in the year. How do you pronounce … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Bruno Merz

5 Questions with Oliver Fogwell and Matt Heywood of Our Last Enemy

5 Questions with Oliver Fogwell and Matt Heywood of Our Last Enemy Guilty pleasure song: MH: T U R T L E POWER – The Hit Crew Guilty pleasure television show: MH: The Voice Favorite John Cusack film: OF: It would have to be Being John Malkovich, but most recently I saw The Raven, his movie about Edgar Allen Poe Your last meal would be: OF: Duck! Do aliens exist? OF: Yes. Ask our drummer Zot, his mother is President of the UFO and Paranormal Research Society in Australia. Read Oliver and Matt’s interview More Our Last Enemy: Facebook | … Continue reading 5 Questions with Oliver Fogwell and Matt Heywood of Our Last Enemy

INTERVIEW: Our Last Enemy

Earlier this year, Australia’s Our Last Enemy released their album PARIAH on Eclipse Records. Recently, we were able to sit down with vocalist, Oliver Fogwell, and bassist, Matt Heywood, to discuss the recording process of PARIAH, the difference between Australia/US music scene, and more. We can’t thank Oliver and Matt enough for taking the time to answer our questions. Let’s introduce the world to Our Last Enemy. Who is who? Oliver – Vocals Matt – Bass/Vocals Bizz – Guitars Zot – Drums Jeff – Keys How did Our Last Enemy come together? MH: We all new each other from other … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Our Last Enemy

INTERVIEW: Nick Red of Blowsight

Lead vocalist/guitarist, Nick Red of Sweden’s Blowsight, took a break from writing the new Blowsight album to sit down with us and answer a few questions and we couldn’t be more thankful of his time. Let’s introduce the world to Blowsight: who is who in Blowsight? It’s four Stockholmers, always willing to tear up places, make people think, fuck the norm and have a good time! How did Blowsightcome together? Long story short…Me and guitar player, Serban, went to the same rock clubs in Stockholm back in 2003, and realized we had the exact same influences, the same guitar heroes, … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Nick Red of Blowsight