Track of the Day: “Ex’s and Oh’s” by Elle King

I am loving this song and cannot listen to it without bopping my head and rocking my entire body. It’s funky, bluesy, country and rockabilly all in one.  The daughter of comedian/actor Rob Schneider, Elle just released her first album Love Stuff on February 17.   I have been listening to the entire thing on repeat all day and dig it all. ELLE KING: FACEBOOK | TWITTER | WEBSITE | buy “Love Stuff” on iTunes   Continue reading Track of the Day: “Ex’s and Oh’s” by Elle King

Episode Recap: Justified: Alive Day (S6, Ep6)

When we left Harlan last week, Raylan and Ava had just kissed.  This episode starts right after that moment, with Boyd coming home, clearly feeling a vibe that something was happening.  Both Ava and Raylan play it off that Raylan was just there to ask questions about Boyd, but you can tell his Justified Spidey Sense is tingling.  When he leaves with Ava’s uncle the next day to dig in the mine that is attached to the pizza place/place with the vault, he makes sure to leave a babysitter with Ava.  At the mine,  Boyd hits a rotted piece of … Continue reading Episode Recap: Justified: Alive Day (S6, Ep6)

Track of the Day: “Crazy” by Thief

Love, love, love the sounds that THIEF is putting out in the Universe. I really do have to thank LANKS for tweeting about THIEF. I do not believe I would have discovered this artist on my own. Once again, THIEF manages to make me say whoa. Honestly, I think this is the sound JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE strives for and fails miserably at. Maybe I just like THIEF a lot more than I like JT. No matter what, “CRAZY” is a great feel good track and if you don’t find yourself dancing and shaking about, their might be something wrong with you. … Continue reading Track of the Day: “Crazy” by Thief

Track of the Day: “I Get Around” by Adelitas Way

I have no problem everyone needs more rock and roll in their lives. Not the bubble gum pop rock and roll radio calls rock and roll, but just good ol’ straight forward rock. Rock that made the 70’s come alive with the sounds of LED ZEPPELIN, THE ROLLING STONES, BLACK SABBATH, and so on.. What I have always dug about ADELITAS WAY is they claim nothing they are not. They have stated from the get go, they are a rock band and they haven’t deviated it from it. They’re one of the bands that consistently put out solid rock albums. Their self … Continue reading Track of the Day: “I Get Around” by Adelitas Way

Justified Episode Recap: Sounding

There are many things that I love about this season but  how they are bringing back so many characters from past seasons is really standing out. This episode is very Ava centric but she does an amazing job portraying a full range of emotions.  She cooks Boyd breakfast, promises to make him dinner but we can tell she is getting ready to break.  She gets in the car and calls Raylan and says she wants out, but is shocked to find out that there is not an out that doesn’t involve leaving Harlan and changing her identity.  She freaks out, … Continue reading Justified Episode Recap: Sounding