Song of the Day: Unsteady by X Ambassadors

Music is at its best when the lyrics and the actual notes can instantly stir up emotions. Maybe I am just more in tune to songs/feelings/sentiments at certain times in life, but Unsteady by X Ambassadors is the tune that makes me stop every time I hear it. X Ambassadors recently hit mainstream media when their song “Renegade” was featured in a Jeep commercial. I got to see them in concert a few months ago and was really entertained and amazed watching the blind Casey Harris play keyboard.  Renegade is a catchy song and even after all these months I still … Continue reading Song of the Day: Unsteady by X Ambassadors

Cool Tune Tuesday- A Taste of Silver – UTRB

I can’t work when it is quiet so constantly have something playing, listening to music all day long. Every once in awhile a song instantly grabs my attention and I stop working and see who it is.  That happened just now with  A Taste of Silver by the band Until the Ribbon Breaks. I immediately listened to it 5 times in a row and sought out their other stuff, which I equally like. It’s techno club with a shade of blues and the result is sexy and hypnotic. Watch the video here. Also check this out:  Revolution Indifference Until the Ribbon … Continue reading Cool Tune Tuesday- A Taste of Silver – UTRB

Artist Spotlight: Greg Holden

More than anything music has the power to inspire, to move, to make you think, to make a difference. So I am grateful when I stumble upon an artist that writes songs that challenge me to think or feel differently.  I was lucky to see Greg Holden perform three songs live and two of them brought tears to my eyes.  The simplicity of his music, the beauty of his lyrics combine for gorgeous songs, in melody and meaning.  He’s been around for awhile and I am sure you have heard  his most famous song,”Home” performed by Phillip Phillps but written … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Greg Holden

Justified Episode Recap: Catching Up

I have 3 episodes to catch up on so this is going to be a general summary.  This season has just turned out to be way more explosive than I thought. And to be honest, I never saw this coming.  So in Trust, Boyd successfully steals Markham’s money and while he is celebrating with Ava, SHE SHOOTS HIM, steals the money and leaves.  NEVER did I see that coming.  Of course Raylan was there, but instead of shooting her, he lets her go.  Maybe I should have seen it once Ava realized Boyd killed Dewey, but nope.  But shooting Boyd? … Continue reading Justified Episode Recap: Catching Up

Track of the Day: Sedona by Houndmouth

So apparently there is a genre of music called “alternative country” and I guess I like it, since I dig this band, straight from the musical mecca that is Indiana.  They just released their first album called Little Neon Limelight and Sedona is their first single. Enjoy. Watch the video here. Houndmouth: FACEBOOK | TWITTER | WEBSITE | Order Little Neon Limelight on Itunes   Continue reading Track of the Day: Sedona by Houndmouth