pretty / adjective
attractive in a delicate way without being truly beautiful

vacant / adjective
not occupied; empty


PRETTY VACANT ONE is a website about music, movies, books, TV, entertainment, etc. We’re not prolific writers or all knowing gurus of it all. We won’t even claim to know why there is a real difference between high hat and a cymbal and we kind of agree with The Bruce Dickinson” that there can always be more cowbell.

But we are PRETTY passionate about entertainment and we want to share that with the masses or to the lucky soul that stumbles onto this site a reason to check out a something new.

We may not have the musical chops to belt out a tune or play a guitar, but know that our souls are not VACANT and in our hearts and at concerts we sing loud and play a damn mean air guitar.

As for the ONE, it started from one person’s dream to relaunch something she was passionate about and that was sharing and introducing others to music she liked.


Hi! I’m Shelia, founder of PRETTY VACANT ONE. Thank you for checking this page and this site out! The title of the website was inspired by my favorite Sex Pistols song, “Pretty Vacant”. I have always liked the Sex Pistols but gained a finer appreciation of them later in my adult life. This site was born out of the ashes of my last website 16 Clefs (dive into those posts) that I started as an outlet to share music with others. If you’re asking, why is this one different, the main reason (and lesson I’ve learned) is that you have to be passionate about what you write about and 16 Clefs went from being passionate to going through the motions. I wanted to please everyone and listen to everything and then listening got to where it was a job and not fun so I closed the doors and walked away. With PRETTY VACANT ONE, I’m taking my lessons learned and my reignited passion to listening to music and I’m ready to share again.

My team of writers and I will share things we love and occasionally things we don’t love.

If you’re asking if my team and I are really passionate about music (or entertainment), I hope this persuades you:

The lightning bolt is an homage to David Bowie
* The purple in the lighting bolt is a nod to Prince in his signature Pantone color
* The font color is in Tardis blue

I hope you enjoy this site as much as we love contributing to it.