Pretty Vacant One (PVO) is an entertainment website that focuses on the music, movies, books, television, and more that excite us and bring us joy. The things we like.

Digging through the crates of life and sharing what we like.

That’s been Pretty Vacant One‘s slogan from its inception but it became a guideline in 2021. If we don’t like something, we simply won’t write about it. There’s enough of haters out there. We shouldn’t crap on the dreams and hard work of others because we don’t fancy it. PVO now chooses to raise the frequency instead.

From Shelia Taylor, founder of Pretty Vacant One.

I have had a life long passion for music and worked in the radio and entertainment industry for almost 19 years. Music starts and ends my day. Sharing music is what brings me joy.

PVO was born out of the ashes of 16 Clefs (dive into those posts). Just when it was gaining momentum and a base, I let it fall by the way side. The lesson I learned with 16 Clefs was that you have to be passionate about what you’re doing. I went from being passionate to going through the motions, wanting to please everyone, listen to everything, and it went from something I did for fun to something I got stressed out about.

Rebranding 16 Clefs to Pretty Vacant One was inspired by my favourite Sex Pistols song, “Pretty Vacant”. It captured how music could make my mind go vacant while listening to music. Unlike the momentum of its predecessor, PVO is the little engine that could. It has had its starts and stops, make under, make overs, and glow ups, but it has found its voice. We simply share, what we like without hating on anyone’s dreams.

If you would like us to listen, watch, and give something a chance, head over to Contact Us.

Past Pretty Vacant One Contributors
Douglas Davidson :: @ElmntsOfMadness
Amy Mann :: @Nellie429 (16 Clefs Contributor)