Track of the Day Flashback Friday Edition: Kick by INXS

I had some time to kill with my Netflix lately and stumbled upon “Never Tear Us Apart: The Untold Story of INXS”, a made for Australian TV mini series. I found it fascinating and it reminded me exactly how great a band INXS was and how much I loved their music.  I grew up in the 80s, so of course I know every word of every song they released, and thanks to the quintessential INXS trivia, I learned at an early age what auto erotic asphyxiation was. I watched the reality show in 2005 Rock Star: INXS.  In other words, I was a casual fan that basically knew nothing about the band.  So sure the movie is a bit cheesy, but worth watching becuase there are so many little tid bits that surprised me; from self releasing Kick becuase the label called it too urban to the speed with which Michael wrote lyrics.  INXS has absolutely moved to the top of my “If I could see any band perform, live or dead” bucket list. So on this Friday, remember that sometimes you kick and sometimes you get kicked.

Watch INXS perform Kick live in 1991.


And check out this Mashup featuring INXS and Beastie Boys – two great bands that lost members way way too soon.

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