Track of the Day: “Hammers See Nails” by Maybe the Moon

MAYBE THE MOON has released their second single “Hammers See Nails” a song where “the main character fixates on the negative aspects of every person and situation he encounters. He’s in an endless war between his better judgment and his complete inability to stop lashing out at those around him. He’s constantly haunted by the little voice in his head that keeps repeating a sentiment he’ll never be able to embody, “Your tongue forgot/Words are wings for thoughts/Details aren’t the main attraction.”

When listening to the song, you can hear/feel that the music is the main character’s judgement and mind while Karmen’s voice is that voice that haunts the character that he refuses to listen to.

The Bay Area duo perfectly captures the inner battle of mind vs heart.

And we love this battle caught on tape!

MAYBE THE MOON is giving away the new single for FREE via Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

MAYBE THE MOON: Bandcamp | Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

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