Track of the Day: “Let Her Go” by Scars on 45

NETTWERK is celebrating 30 years with a little help from their friends, their current artists covering artists in their 30 year history with the album “FROM COVER to COVER: 30 YEARS at NETTWERK“.

We must say it’s pretty dang brilliant!

One of the covers we absolutely love is SCARS ON 45 covering PASSENGER‘s “Let Her Go.” PASSENGER‘s original version is already so emotional we were at first a little skeptical those lovely lads and lass of SCARS ON 45 could do it any justice.

Our minds were silenced immediately.

Danny and Aimee’s voices are absolutely stunning on this song. It becomes an entirely different song as they share the vocals. Instead of PASSENGER‘s self realization of love loss, it’s an inside look of two hearts letting go of love. It’s heartbreaking and hits you in the feels and it hurts.

You can pick up “FROM COVER to COVER: 30 YEARS at NETTWERK on iTunes now.

SCARS ON 45: Facebook | Twitter | Website

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