Eargasm of the Week: “Play It Right (Wye Oak Remix)” by Sylvan Esso

I had the extreme pleasure seeing this dynamic duo from Durham, NC live last week and I must say I was completely blown away by their performance. If I’m being completely honest, they easily landed in the top 5 performances I have seen live. It’s very magical to watch two people not only connect with each other but with a sold out audience too. When you watch SYLVAN ESSO, don’t expect a full band either. It’s just Amelia and Nicholas and a lap top and it is a beautiful ménage à trois.

Since we’re still riding the concert high a week later, we are featuring SYLVAN ESSO‘s “Play It Right (Wye Oak Remix)” as our Eargasm of the Week. It captures their talents perfectly.

You know a band must have “it” if we’re still gushing about the show a week later and if you get the chance, go see SYLVAN ESSO, you won’t regret it as they have “it” and are the very cusp of becoming a breakthrough band for 2015.


SYVLAN ESSO: Facebook | Twitter | Website
Pick up their album at SYLVAN ESSO now
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