EARGASM OF THE WEEK: “Wait Wait Wait” by Northern Faces

From their forthcoming self-titled, debut album comes “Wait Wait Wait” by Albany, NY based NORTHERN FACES.

According to NORTHERN FACES, Facebook bio: “It all started after a few too many drinks and an exchange of words
that should have never happened, but thank god it did.”

What I like about the song is that it is catchy as hell (duh, it is why it is our Eargasm of the Week), but not in that obnoxious way pop songs get stuck in your head and never leave (insert whatever current Taylor Swift song radio is shoving down the listeners ears). There is something that reminds me of that pop Brit rock from 80’s. Light, catchy, toe tapping and just downright fun.

NORTHERN FACES is Bryan Shortell, Marco Testa, Matt Ippolito, Mike Ryan. Their debut album will be released via Equal Vision Records in 2015.

NORTHERN FACES: Facebook | Twitter | Website
photo credit: Charles Thorpe

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