Eargasm of the Week: “Runaway” by Katastro

KatastroI love it when Soundcloud surprises me with a new band.

Especially one that makes me stop what I’m doing and go in search of more from the band. That is exactly what I did while listening to “Runaway” by KATASTRO.

KATASTRO is made up of Andy Chaves on vocals, Andrew Stravers on drums, Tanner Riccio on guitars, and Ryan Weddle on bass. The Tempe, Arizona foursome are a mix of rock with a tinge of hip hop without sounding like the rap rock of the 90’s. (Huge shout out to the band for that!)

“Runaway” has such a seductive and enticing sound musically and lyrically. One isn’t sure of what the journey has in store, but the temptation to follow is too great. In the end, the musical journey is well worth it. The song is just damn catchy. Damn catchy. I can’t stop listening to it.

KATSTRO‘s new album NO MUD NO LOTUS, available November 14th

KATASTRO: Facebook | Twitter | Website

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