Track of the Day: “Riddim For Your Rights” by Mishka

I discovered MISHKA from a JIMMY BUFFETT tweet about two years ago. Jimmy congratulated MISHKA for having the number one reggae album on iTunes and I gave OCEAN IS MY POTION a listen and fell in love with MISHKA‘s sound and vibe.

For those who like background story’s on artist, MISHKA, has a great one, involving JIMMY BUFFETT. Jimmy’s song “Chanson pour les petits enfants” was written after an encounter with MISHKA and his sister, HEATHER NOVA (“London Rain”) and years later, Jimmy would have MISHKA on his label Mailboat Records with a number one reggae album.

Riddim For Your Rights” is from MISHKA’s album, THE JOURNEY, available now. It is in the vein of any reggae song about standing up for your rights and what you believe in.

According to a post on MISHKA‘s Facebook page, he’s been working on new material and is heading into the studio to record not one, but two albums!

MISHKA: Facebook | Twitter | Website
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