courtesy of Eclipse Records
photo credit Franz Schepers

Blowsight is a four piece rock band out of Sweden with Nick Red (vocals/guitar), Seb (guitar/vocals), Mao (bass/vocals), Fabz (drums/vocals).

Nick Red describes Blowsight‘s style as “PopMetalPunk. A big melting pot of everyone’s favorite music. If it’s Metallica, Queen, Lady Gaga, Testament or My Chemical Romance. It doesn’t matter, everything fits.” Nick continues that the focus of the band is to break down barriers of music by bringing different genres together and bringing those fans together.

Blowsight‘s motto: “We play what we want.”

With LIFE & DEATH (Eclipse Records), Blowsight does just that. Play what they want. LIFE & DEATH features 14 tracks of Blowsight‘s “PopMetalPunk” and they do blend all three genres very well and truly do cover the genres with LIFE & DEATH. The first single “This Pain” would make any heavy rock fan throw up the devil horns at any show. Intense and heavy. Their current single “Hit on the Radio” is pop rock gold. The down tempo “Through These Eyes (featuring Pato Pooh) gives the listener a gentler side of the band while “Dirt” will have metal heads banging their heads and shredding air guitar.

Blowight: Facebook | Twitter | Website

Listen to a few tracks from LIFE & DEATH below and if you like what you hear, buy the album.

Overall, we dig Blowsight‘s LIFE & DEATH and look forward to seeing more from the band.

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