REVIEW: “Do It Again” by Röyksopp and Robyn

Do-It-Again-EP-Royksopp-and-RobynOur only complaint about “Do It Again” by Röyksopp and Robyn is that it’s only 5 songs.

The dynamic Norwegian duo that is Röyksopp and the Swedish pop/dance diva that is Robyn is a fantastic collaboration of music, voice, and minds.

The EP starts out with “Monument” that will have your spirit transcending into the calm before the highly catchy “Sayit” kicks into gear.

The title track “Do It Again” has an infectious dance beat that is signature Röyksopp and signature catchy dance/pop song that only Miss Robyn can bring to the masses.

The 4th track “Every Little Thing” allows us to catch our breath and chill before sending us off on to “Inside the Idle Hour Club”.

We have not stopped listening to this EP since we bought it and we recommend that if you’re a fan of  Röyksopp and Robyn together or apart that you add this to your collection. It’s a must have.

Watch the video for “Sayit” below

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