Track by Track: Heart and Soul

Eric has been releasing tracks from both Heart and Soul throughout 2020 and 2021. He’s released “Heart on Fire“, “Stick that in Your Country Song”, and “Crazyland” in the months leading ups to Heart. He’s released “Break it Kind of Guy“, “Hell of a View”, “Bad Mother Trucker“, and “Lynyard Skynard Jones” for Soul. Each single an antithesis of the one before either in sound, emotion, or lyrics. They’ve been a … Continue reading Track by Track: Heart and Soul

🔥 Track: Do Not Disturb by Ryan Adams

Opening with a slick bass line and dreamy 80’s ethereal keys, the first single, “Do Not Disturb” from Ryan Adam’s upcoming 18th studio album, Big Colors (out on 11-June) is a seductress and enchantress musically and lyrically. A prolific writer, Ryan does not mind exposing the veins that carry the emotional pain or burdens within and externally. He has this brilliant capability to cut straight to the … Continue reading 🔥 Track: Do Not Disturb by Ryan Adams

Listen: “The Villain You Need” by Dräger

I was stoked to find out last year that Dräger was still making music. He’s now a one man band and according to his website, Dräger is now behind the helm of it all. Handling 100% of the writing, the performing, the producing and mixing from his home studio in Brookly, NY. He’s even handling the responsibilities of writing, directing, and editing the videos as well “to fulfil … Continue reading Listen: “The Villain You Need” by Dräger

Keith Wallen: Dream Away

Keith Wallen (former Adelitas Way, current Breaking Benjamin guitarist and backing vocalist) has released a brand spanking new track for 2021 called “Dream Away”. It gives me 1980s synth sci-fi feels. I say sci-fi because I can absolutely see this on any of my favorite sci-fi shows (past or present) where the hero is “this close” to catching the villain but only to wake from … Continue reading Keith Wallen: Dream Away

The Cancellations: She’s the Needle

Released in November 2020, “She’s the Needle” is the 2nd single released by Nashville based band, The Cancellations. Some may recognise, the raspy vocal stylings of Elijah Jones, of Atlanta’s The Constellations. Is The Cancellations the phoenix rising from the ashes of The Constellations? Perhaps. While in Nashville, Elijah formed Elijah Jones & The Tenderness with Erik Matthijs, but that incarnation disbanded and Elijah and … Continue reading The Cancellations: She’s the Needle

Duran Duran: “Five Years” (Bowie Cover)

The iconic “Wild Boys” of the 80s, Duran Duran, released an amazing cover of Bowie’s “Five Years” from his the 1972 album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders Mars. Simon Le Bon says this of recording, “Five Years”: “When we got the Ziggy Stardust LP and put the needle in the groove, our first taste of its perfection was the song Five … Continue reading Duran Duran: “Five Years” (Bowie Cover)

David Bowie: Tryin’ to Get to Heaven / Mother

On what would have been his 74th birthday (January 8th), the Bowie Estate released two previously unreleased covers. One of “TRYIN’ TO GET TO HEAVEN” by Bob Dylan and the other of “MOTHER” by John Lennon. Whew boy, I was not emotionally ready for those two songs. Separately, they are a gut punch, but together on a single, they brought me to my knees.. According … Continue reading David Bowie: Tryin’ to Get to Heaven / Mother

Kip Moore Wild World Album Art

SONG OF THE WEEK: Southpaw by Kip Moore

Whew boy. What a gem of a song. It was our Track of the Day (TOTD) over on our Instagram account, but we’ll be honest, we can’t get enough of “Southpaw” and have been playing it on repeat since Kip released it on 17-April. If we didn’t already love Kip’s music, this song would have solidified our love for him. With each album and song, … Continue reading SONG OF THE WEEK: Southpaw by Kip Moore