Watch: Expert of Nothing by American Anymen

The second single from American Anymen‘s forthcoming album, Cities Changing Names (June 10), is in short a banger. The band’s video for “Expert of Nothing” was directed by Brett Sullivan and Brett says this of the song:   This song is about all the people that are running the country. More and more it seems to me that public service is attracting degenerate minds. Corrupt people … Continue reading Watch: Expert of Nothing by American Anymen

Watch: Angst by Rammstein

Rammstein‘s 3rd video from Zeit was directed by Robert Gwisdek, who also directed the video for “Zeit“. Without the video, “Angst (Fear)” is an intense song. Add the visual effects of the video and the song is even more intense. While the song relates to the the bogeyman of Germanic folklore, I feel the video pivots from folklore and into current times. What I interpret … Continue reading Watch: Angst by Rammstein

Track by Track: Inner Mission by Zen from Mars

Zen from Mars have transmitted their debut album to album to the Universe and it’s a cracker of an album. As I’ve said in previous posts about Zen from Mars, if Stephen Shareaux is singing, then I am listening. Zen from Mars is the collaborative music project with Stephen Shareaux and guitarist Drew Fortier (The Lucid, Bang Tango). The band previously released singles, “New Leaf” (2016), “Mother Evolution” (2019), which … Continue reading Track by Track: Inner Mission by Zen from Mars